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Offering Sober Housing in Annapolis, MD

You’ve made a lot of changes in your life, committing to and completing drug rehabilitation. What’s the next step for you? The experts recommend a period of transition in a place that is drug and alcohol-free and one that offers assistance to maintain your new lifestyle. Sober housing in Annapolis, MD, is precisely what you need.

Stepping Stones Recovery Houses offers such transitional housing in locations in Maryland and throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Our recovery houses in Annapolis, MD, and other cities provide safe places where people can strengthen the lessons and practices that helped them get sober in the first place.

Living Life in an Environment Free of Drugs & Alcohol

For months or years, you’ve lived a life where drugs or alcohol ruled. Now, you’re experiencing life in a new and positive way. Plus, you have a whole houseful of other people sharing the same experience.

The Annapolis houses are found near the mall and the historic downtown, within walking distance of the waterfront. They’re conveniently close to public transportation and employment opportunities. Call us to check on availability. You have a phone interview to do and paperwork to fill out about your background, but after that is taken care of, it takes as little as 24 hours to move into one of our sober living houses. We have separate men’s and women’s houses.