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Supportive Sober Living Housing

At STEPPING STONES RECOVERY HOUSES, we strive to provide safe and productive halfway houses in Maryland for individuals suffering from substance abuse. As part of our initiative to help our patient’s transition in a secure manner, we work closely with hospitals, health departments, private recovery/rehab centers, the courts, and corrections services. We are happy to provide an extensive confidential list of partners upon request. In addition to serving our patients through our sober housing, we also have a long list of affiliates from local aftercare programs, employment agencies, and spiritual groups in your county and neighboring counties to not just help you grow physically but mentally and spiritually.

Supportive Halfway Houses

Call today and discover how we can help you or a loved one with recovery housing. At the time of the phone interview, you will be asked to fill out an application for residency, which will give us some of your background information including emergency numbers and basic personal information. During the interview process, we will also discuss the guidelines that we have established and that must be followed in our houses. Typically, it only takes 24 hours between initial contact and move-in.

Meetings are a major part of any program of recovery. We have roots in the local community and there are an enormous number of meetings in our region. By joining our family of clients, you'll find the support you need to kick the habit once and for all.

Make a Difference

If you feel it in your heart to make a difference by supporting a client’s recovery, contact us today at (410) 837-3600 to make a donation to our sober living housing. We accept all major credit cards and work with many funding sources to ensure your support is received.

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