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Transitional Housing in Maryland

Look to STEPPING STONES RECOVERY HOUSES to be your partner through the stages of overcoming substance abuse in Maryland. We strive to help our patients grow in a positive and effective manner. Our sober housing offers a safe and clean environment for you to overcome your battles with drugs and alcohol. Our dedicated team of in-house managers and members foster an extended family-unit setting. We believe it is vital in the growing process to have our patients share their experiences, strengths, and hopes that they have overcome and fought in order to live a life on their own terms, free from substance dependency. 

Our transitional housing in Maryland is equipped with dedicated team members and amenities to help make your stay comfortable and satisfying. We make it a personal mission to help our guests grow stronger from their battles by becoming healthy and productive member of society. If you want to discover our drug recovery housing, contact us today at (888) 513-0222 to ask of any questions you may have.

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Our Philosophy

We keep our philosophy consistent throughout every house—it is one based on personal accountability and family support. The guidelines for each house member are designed to help fulfill our mission statement and provide that individual with a sense of belonging. In each house, there is absolutely zero tolerance for anyone not abiding by the guidelines and regulations.


All of our houses have computers and are wired for high-speed internet, telephone, cable TV, and fax. We provide everyone with the most modern tools so as to assist in job searches, networking in various programs, and maintaining connections with other family and friends.


We have numerous houses spread throughout Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic, we are always looking to expand. Our current locations include: