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Caring and Confidential Sober Housing in Baltimore, MD

An addiction doesn’t define who you are as a person, and at our sober housing in Baltimore, MD, you are seen as an individual in need of support that we are happy to provide.

That’s one of the main positive features of our Stepping Stones houses -- the support and acceptance you receive from our staff members and fellow clients. It’s an environment where you can be yourself and focus on the journey ahead while knowing that help is nearby and easily accessible.

Our transitional housing in Maryland helps you gain the person you wish to be while leaving your substance abuse problems in the past. We help you look forward to brighter days while developing physically, mentally, and spiritually. You walk in the door as one person and walk out as an entirely new one.

Baltimore is a tremendous city with plenty of opportunities and additional resources to help you confront your addiction and shake free of it. Our location here is very handy as it has great access to all public transportation.

Contact us today to find a place to get your recovery on track. We are proud to serve clients in Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding area.