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Stepping Stones Recovery Houses are proactive in assisting individuals in the transition from treatment to becoming responsible, productive, self-sufficient members of society.

Freedom Through Recovery

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We are proud to offer sober living houses in Frederick, MD, and the surrounding areas for individuals dealing with substance abuse as a necessary step in the process of freedom from drugs or alcohol. We provide the structured, clean, and safe living environment required for the rehab process. Call or fill out a form today to learn more about availability.


Find support from others in drug or alcohol recovery.

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About Us

At STEPPING STONES RECOVERY HOUSES, we are dedicated to helping our clients through the recovery process in a safe and secure manner. Our house managers assist individuals with their program of recovery, not only as a powerful example, but also to share their positive experiences. Our separate men's and women's homes are located within walking distance of many forms of public transportation and services, giving you access to job opportunities, support meetings, and more.

"Stepping Stones has been an amazing partnership with the Anne Arundel County Crisis Response System over the past few years. We have been able to link many of the county's individuals in these homes as they are on their path to recovery, and have been able to watch clients thrive." — Anonymous

Given the "GO TO BAT FOR BALTIMORE AWARD" from the Baltimore Orioles and State Farm Insurance for providing excellent services to Baltimore City and the state of Maryland.


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(888) 513-0222

Hours of Operation
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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