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Recovery Housing in Glen Burnie, MD – The Support You Need

One of the key elements to long-term sobriety is support. You’ve tried many times to go it alone, and it doesn’t work. That’s why you went into rehabilitation -- for the help, you need to leave the drugs and alcohol behind. Now that you’re out of rehab, you still need help. You can find that assistance in recovery housing in Glen Burnie, MD. Reach out to us to fill out an application.

Stepping Stones Recovery Houses provide sober living houses in MD and throughout the Mid-Atlantic. We have separate facilities for men and women located within walking distance of the library and courthouse and conveniently close to public transportation and employment opportunities.

An Environment Free from Distractions

Our transitional housing offers you a structured environment to build on skills you’ve learned in rehab. A house manager oversees the residents and activities and is on hand to assist you. Plus, the house has other residents who have the same challenges and opportunities as you. Your housemates are ready to lend a hand, and you can give back in return.
Our houses also are ideal for those undergoing outpatient drug treatment. In this environment, we eliminate distractions so you can focus on your sobriety. Call or email us for more information.