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Safe and Caring Drug Recovery Housing in Millersville, MD

Facing an addiction is a difficult and trying time. It’s hard enough to battle the problem on its own without adding the stress of not having a supportive environment to depend upon as you get clean. Stepping Stones Recovery Houses provide a safe and caring location for those who are seeking drug recovery housing in Millersville, MD.

In this setting, you can find the support you need to continue your journey toward wellbeing. The staff and other residents at this transitional housing in Maryland welcome everyone with open arms. They are familiar with the challenges of addiction and help you focus on moving forward each day.

You are going to find this location is ideal as it’s conveniently situated within walking distance of the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center. The house is very close to a range of job opportunities and public transportation so that you can take strides toward regaining control of your life and integrating back into society.

This recovery house provides a safe environment and an opportunity to rebuild your life and reconnect to the person you once were while increasing your resilience and the mental toughness you need to navigate your way through a healthy and vigorous new life.