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Recovery-Focused Sober Housing in Towson, MD

For many recovering from addiction, the right environment can make all the difference. That’s why Stepping Stones Recovery Houses works to provide a supportive living situation for our clients. With reliable sober housing in Towson, MD, we create opportunities for freedom and structure when you need them most. Many of our residents move in within 24 hours of reaching out, and we do everything in our power to help them find stability and connection with the local community.

We offer a compassion-based program and great access to area transportation resources. Find job opportunities, attend meetings with others who understand what you’re going through, and build the life you deserve alongside our family of clients and team members in safe sober housing.  

No matter what you’ve been through, you’ll find acceptance and assistance here. We treat you like a person trying to recover, and a member of our own valued community. When you need transitional housing in Maryland, let us lend you a hand.

Contact us today and start the move-in process. We proudly serve Towson, MD, and the surrounding areas.