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Supportive Recovery Housing in Cambridge, MD

When you are confronting an addiction and are making strides toward getting your life back, the journey is easier if you have recovery housing in Cambridge, MD, that you can rely upon as a supportive base.

Stepping Stones provides a framework of stability that enables you to take charge of your life and become the person you want to be. Our structured environment is a valuable resource in your recovery as it helps you to be centered and focused on overcoming the addiction while moving in a positive direction.

This  transitional housing in Maryland is located on the Eastern Shore in a very convenient location, which is close to both Walmart and the Hyatt for tremendous job opportunities.

Seize this opportunity to build the life you deserve while surrounded by a family of clients and supportive staff who are familiar with the challenges you face and have the experience and skills to support you fully.

Contact us today to begin getting your life on track. We are proud to serve clients in Cambridge, MD, and the surrounding area.